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Welcome to Austin BeeLove. We love bees!

We are a 100% chemical-free and treatment-free apiary based in Austin, Texas.

Did you know? Bees pollinate 1/3 of all the food we eat! Our mission is to help bees survive and thrive. We are dedicated to helping them coexist with society so they can continue their critical role as pollinators, and are focused on protecting and propagating bee lineages that can thrive amid the myriad of diseases, toxins, and pests that have become prevalent in recent decades.

Our services include live bee rescues, removals, and swarm captures, agricultural exemptions, beginner beekeeper mentorships, professional consulting, hive management, educational presentations and locally raised, treatment-free queens. 


If you need bees removed or have a swarm situation, please call us at 512.525.9473 for professional assistance.


We understand that while bees are great, having them living in your house isn't! All of our removals are performed live, without chemicals or poison. We are experienced, fully insured, registered with TAIS, and current on all permits required in Texas. 

Free quotes for the greater Austin & surrounding areas for bee removals and swarm captures, or you can visit our Removals page.

Ag Exemptions

If you have between 5-20 acres in Travis, Hays, or Bastrop county (select areas), we can help you potentially save thousands of dollars in property taxes annually through our honeybee agricultural services. We offer both full service leasing, where we professionally manage the honeybee colonies on your property, and sales of colonies for those who want to learn how to keep bees yourself! Learn more

See us in Action!

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