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Agricultural Exemptions with Bees


Would you like to potentially save thousands of dollars in property taxes?

In Texas, if you own between 5-20 acres you can qualify for what is commonly referred to as “agricultural taxation”, or more specifically referred to as 1-D-1 open space valuation by the Texas tax code, Chapter 23, Subchapter D, Section 23.51, by having managed honeybee colonies on your property.  Whether you are looking to convert from a different ag-qualifying activity, or you are looking to gain ag. taxation status for the first time (it is a 5 year process in this instance), we can work with you. We offer multiple options, from full service bee leases to helping you get started on your own beekeeping journey! Enjoy the benefits of pollination and tax savings while feeling good that you are helping to save the bees!



For a hands-off experience:


We offer full service honeybee leases on an annual basis. This option is a completely hands-off solution for you. You reap the rewards of tax savings without needing to lift a finger! We will handle:

  • Installation and professional management of the colonies

  • Full record keeping and colony maintenance logs for your county tax assessor

  • Registration of your apiary site with TAIS as required by law


For a hands-on experience:


We provide hives, bees, consulting, and mentoring to help you take advantage of this special land valuation.


We service Travis, Hays and Bastrop counties. In these counties there is a minimum of 6 hives required, with additional hives/acre varying between the counties. A minimum of 6 acres may be required if you have a house on the property. Additionally, you will need to have agricultural activities on your land for 5 out of 7 years before you can qualify for an ag valuation. For complete details of each county’s requirements, please refer to the links below.



In addition, your property will need to meet the following minimum qualifications if you would like a full service honeybee lease:

  • You own 5+ unimproved acres, or 6+ acres if a house is present, but not more than 20 acres.

  • You do not use agricultural chemicals or pesticides on your property, including crop dusting or mosquito spraying.

  • Site must be suitable for bees, providing them the necessary resources to thrive. Don’t worry, we can determine this one for you!

  • Austin BeeLove must have unrestricted access to the property at all times.

  • Site must be accessible by vehicle in all weather conditions.

  • Bees will need a year-round source of water (stream, pond, stock tank, kiddie pool, etc.).



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