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If bees have made their home in an undesired location, please do your part to help save the bees by hiring us to do a poison-free live removal. Without bees, many of the foods we enjoy would cease to exist. If you are concerned that removing the bees alive is too costly, in most cases we can price match any written quote from a pest-control company who intends to poison them instead.


To view more of our removal work, check out our facebook page.

Cluster of bees with no combs present.

  • FREE removals in south Austin

  • $50 within the greater Austin area

Bees with combs present. Quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Swarm traps are installed for properties that get bees on a recurring basis.

Bees are collected and traps changed free of charge. $150/trap




Swarm vs. Colony

Swarm Removals

A swarm is a colony of bees looking for a new home. Swarms will often be clustered on trees, cars, houses, or even the ground. The bees will be clumped together and range in size from a baseball up to a jumbo watermelon.

While seeing a large cluster of bees may look scary, swarms are extremely docile and don't represent a threat. Please do not spray them! They rarely sting, having no home or babies to defend. Their only objective is to find a new home and keep their Queen safe in the process.


We remove swarms for FREE within South Austin, and a flat $50 within Greater Austin. We want to help you get the bees removed before they move into your home, and a much more costly structural removal is required.

Swarm of bees clustered on a tree branch 

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Established Colony Removals

A hive is an established colony of bees living inside a cavity. Hives are often noticed due to the bee traffic flying in and out of the entrance. Hives can be located in any structure that has a cavity bees deem suitable. 

Due to the uniqueness of each removal, we quote colony removals on a job by job basis.

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Established colony living behind the siding transition between 1st & 2nd story 

Established colony living beneath a shed  

Recurring Bee Prevention

If your property has a recurring bee issue, getting swarms of bees annually, you likely have a large mother colony within a quarter mile of you. As a deterrent to bees moving into your home or business, we can install swarm traps on your property ($150/trap).


When bees move in, call us and we will come collect the bees and replace the trap free of charge.


Swarm of bees landing on swarm trap

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Bee Removals

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